Avionaut Sky 2.0


Comfort, technology and life are words that are ever-present in the process of creation of each new Avionaut product. The Avionaut Sky 2.0 car seat is designed for rear-facing mounting and meant for children until the age of six .

This arrangement ensures not only comfort, but also safety for the little passenger. Other factors, primarily ergonomic profile of the structure that guarantees full support for the spine and head allow this model to facilitate baby's comfort. This applies to both short trips and long expeditions into the unknown.

The liner is made of cotton - pleasant and safe for the child's delicate skin. Importantly, its individual elements can be pulled out, which allows you to adjust the seat to the steadily increasing height of the child. In addition, the liner of this rear-facing seat allows the child to assume a natural, healthy position, i.e. one in which the pelvis, torso and head are arranged in a perfectly straight line. Thanks to this, every journey will be more peaceful, both for the child and their carer.