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We offer Baby First Aid Courses for parents, grandparents and carers.

Knowledge of First Aid is extremely important to everyone, especially to those caring for a BABY or young CHILD. Would you know what to do in a first aid emergency? Looking after children is one of the most important jobs in the world, yet it comes with no training. The thought of being at home alone with an injured child and not knowing what to do is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Our Baby First Aid Courses give parents and carers the confidence to know that they can handle an emergency
situation with their child, helping to give the child the best chance of survival until the ambulance arrives.

Our Baby First Aid Classes

Our 2 hour baby first aid classes are designed to educate parents and those caring for young children, essential skills and great tips to help deal with an emergency from a ‘bump to the head’ to administering CPR. They are great for grandparents and babysitters too!

We run our Baby First Aid Classes at Naturally Baby store on the border of Leamington Spa and Warwick, Warwickshire.

Just 2 hours of your time to learn life saving skills!

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Private Classes in your own home / venue

If you would prefer to book a private group session (ie. your antenatal group or family members) this would cost £200 for the 2hr course (for up to 10 adults). These classes can be done in the comfort of your own home as an alternative to our regular Baby First Aid Classes. If you would like to book a private class please click here and we will be in contact to arrange a suitable day / time with you. Please note there is no travel charges within 6 miles from Warwick but after this distance 50p per mile is charged on the round trip.



Our classes cover… Choking, CPR, Bleeding, Febrile Seizures, Breaks, Bumps to the head & Meningitis awareness.
About Us

About Us

At Baby First Aid we give parents the confidence & skills to deal with paediatric first aid emergencies.
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Contact Us

Contact us for further information or book online now to reserve your space on one of our Baby First Aid courses.

Frequently asked questions

You can view dates/location of our Baby First Aid Classes on our online booking system. Simply click here to view/book.

Our venue upstairs at Naturally Baby is chosen for your comfort and we can accommodate those who have very young babies (baby in arms) who prefer to bring them along. In order for you to concentrate you may wish to find alternative childcare. We do ask out of respect for others attending the course, that if your baby does attend and becomes unsettled / crying, that you temporarily leave the class and use the comfy lounge area whilst you settle your baby. If you miss any of the class content it is covered in our handy first aid guide which you will receive complimentary on attending the course. 

Our courses are held in The Baby Hub, upstairs at Naturally Baby.  Sadly there is no lift. We want to ensure our course is accessible to all so if you are unable to use stairs then please do let us know in advance and we can arrange for the course to be run downstairs on the ground floor.

About your trainer

Anna is a mum to four daughters ranging from 10yrs to 21yrs. She has worked as a practising midwife for over 20 years and previously to this, worked as a lifeguard. Anna has recently ‘retired' from the NHS to concentrate on teaching Baby First Aid and running her business Naturally Baby, offering support in numerous ways to new parents. Anna knows how important it is to have up to date knowledge and know how to act quickly in a first aid emergency and enjoys teaching new parents and those caring for young children the vital life saving skills that can make the difference to a family or child in your care.

Have you got a first aid kit?

We have put together all the items ‘you really need’ in a handy mini first aid pouch, perfect for mums and dads on the go! JUST £12 – available to purchase on your chosen course or online here….

Are you pregnant? Are you using a pregnancy seat belt?

Help protect your unborn baby whilst traveling in the car.  It is impossible to safely re-position you vehicle seat belt off your lower abdomen where your placenta / baby lies so invest in a BeSafe Pregnancy belt to help re-position the lap belt part of your seat belt onto your thighs and the chest part above your bump. Give yourself peace of mind in the event of an accident and purchase one here…

Safety when travelling - Is your child’s car seat safe? Unsure if you need the next stage?

Book an appointment for a FREE car seat consultation to discuss your next stage car seat.  We offer a free fitting service on all new car seat purchased from ourselves plus a reduced fee of just £10 for future re-fits / checks if your car seat has been purchased through ourselves. If you require advice or help fitting a seat you have purchased elsewhere please note there is a small charge of £30 to cover our fitters time and expertise. This will include fitting advice and guidance on installing your car seat plus ensuring the seat is set up for your child’s correct size / weight. We will then show you how to place your baby safely into the seat and how to operate the seat and make adjustments for when your baby / child grows. This service is particularly helpful for grandparents and others who are not used to using the seat and transporting your child on journeys. If you are unsure of your child’s weight / height then we will perform these checks at your appointment to ensure the advice we give is based on your child.

Some kind words from our happy customers…

Emma Hitchins

Thank you to Anna and Claire for this superb baby first aid training course today. Myself and my husband felt it was very informative and easy to take in. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere ensured we felt at ease to ask any questions as well. We would definitely recommend this course to all parents or anyone who looks after babies or young children.

Rachel Convey

Very informative, thoroughly enjoyed the paediatric course tonight. A friendly and relaxed environment with super friendly staff, no doubt that if I ever need any other course I will be booking with them.

Sally Casey

I learnt so much from the Baby First Aid class tonight, it was friendly, informative and tailored to the individual members of the class. I feel much more secure in the knowledge I could survive in an emergency or non emergency situation. Would recommend the class to anyone with little children for peace of mind.

Michelle O’Connor

Thoroughly enjoyed the first aid course this evening. Really informative and I have learnt valuable information. Everything was explained really simply and easy to take in. I have found what I learned is not only applicable to my 2yr old nephew but also to my 12 yr old daughter. I just hope I never have to use it! I was a bit nervous as I went alone but the trainers are really friendly and the classes small and relaxed and I would definitely recommend this class if you have or look after children.