Offering a wide range of children’s footwear from leading brands... Start-Rite, Geox, Ricosta, Salt-water, Froddo, Bobux, Petasil, Superfit, Sketchers, Old Soles and more…
We measure and fit shoes for new walkers from eu 18 (uk 2) through to secondary school children (eu 43) and some styles even come in adult sizes! We stock cruising shoes, boots, trainers, sandals, welly boots, waterproof footwear and a very large range of school shoes all year round! If you live locally we recommend using our complimentary fitting service for that extra peace of mind!

Frequently asked questions

While walk-ins are welcome, we recommend booking to ensure prompt service. For busy times like summer and school shoe season, advance bookings are especially recommended but not essential. If you haven’t booked then lunchtime is always a quieter time in the shop.

No! Our shoe fitting appointments are
entirely free of charge.

We have a huge selection of shoe brands at Naturally Baby including Start-rite, Skechers, Froddo, Bobux, Ricosta, Geox, Primigi, Salt-Water and more! From those first steps (EU18/Infant UK2) to adult sizes (EU42/Adult UK8), we've got every little foot covered!

Yes! We are more than happy to check your child’s shoes still fit (both in length and width) just pop-in to our store.

Only one slot is required per family. Whether you have one child or more, please only book one appointment!

Our expert shoe fitters at Naturally Baby are specially trained to accommodate all foot needs. Whether it's shoes for orthotics or barefoot designs, we can help find the perfect shoe!

Yes! Enjoy our loyalty card scheme – collect a stamp with every shoe purchase, and after 6 stamps, get 30% off your next pair.

Additionally, present your blue light card at the till for a 10% discount. Your loyalty is truly appreciated at Naturally Baby!

Ordering online:

At Naturally Baby, we're dedicated to ensuring the perfect fit for your little one's feet! While it may seem daunting at first, follow these steps to ensure your child's shoes fit just right. Remember, you can always reach out to us via email ( or social media ( with photos of your child's feet in their shoes or on insoles for assistance. Or, pop in-store for a FREE fit check!

Start by having them stand barefoot on a piece of paper or card whilst standing tall without leaning. Then, choose your preferred method: fold the card by their heel and mark the wall at their longest toe, or draw around their feet.

Once you've got your marks, grab a ruler and measure from heel to toe. Remember, it's normal for one foot to be slightly longer than the other, so measure both!

Before starting the fit check, ensure your child is wearing the socks they typically wear with these shoes, as this will impact the fit. For shoes they wouldn't usually wear socks with, like sandals, barefoot is fine!


Have your child sit and put on the shoes you're checking. Then, as they stand up, ensure their heel is snug against the back of the shoe. Use your thumbs to gauge the space between their toes and the front of the shoe. We recommend a little finger's width of space for smaller sizes up to EU22 and a thumb's width for older children.

Insoles can also help assess toe room, especially in shoes with rubber protection at the front where it is harder to feel little toes! Remove the insoles and have your child step on them with their heels to the back to check toe room.

2) Another method to check shoe length is to observe your child walking. If their heel slips up and down, the shoe is too big! While ample growing room is ideal, it's crucial that the shoes don't hinder their walking or pose a tripping hazard.

1) Feel around the sides of the shoes for any bulging or protrusion of the foot. Check around the toes to ensure the big and little toes aren't pressing too tightly against the front of the shoe.

2) Run your thumb firmly across the widest point of the shoe's top. You should feel the leather give slightly and see a gentle roll of leather with your thumb. Adequate width is essential for the toes to relax and spread comfortably. Keep in mind that feet swell throughout the day, especially when warm or active!

Extra Tips:
- Children often exhibit a "shoe shop walk" as they adjust to new shoes. Distract them by asking them to fetch something to get a more accurate fit check.
- If your child needs ankle support, observe their ankles while walking in their new shoes. If their ankles roll inward, it indicates insufficient support, and you may need to consider another pair.

Absolutely! You can give us a call at 01926 954188, shoot us an email at, or drop us a message on Instagram or Facebook ( to schedule a fit check with one of our expert shoe fitters!

Alternatively, simply snap a photo of your little one standing on the shoe insoles and take a quick video of them walking in their new shoes send it our way. And of course, you're always welcome to visit our store for a FREE fit check in person!