Mother ease

Mother ease manufacture the most innovative range of cloth nappies in the world.

Made in Ontario, Canada using 100% green energy. Only the highest quality fabrics, elastics and snaps are used on all of their nappies and covers.


Wizard Uno - All in One Cloth Nappies

The Wizard Uno is the leader in All in One cloth nappies - simple, trim fitting, absorbent and leak-free.

Available in Newborn (6-12 lbs) and One Size (7-35 lbs), the Wizard Uno is the most coveted AIO cloth napy on the market.

Parents love the Wizard Uno for its ease of use and superb containment. The Uno is great to have in your nappy bag for on-the-go changes, grandma's house, or daycare.

The Wizard Uno is without a doubt the easiest cloth nappy to use and looks adorable on the bum.


  • A simple one step cloth nappy system, just snap and go!
  • Super trim-fitting
  • Stay Dry or 100% Organic Cotton inner fabric
  • Double elasticized waist (front and back) and leg openings
  • Three across rise snaps on One Size option
  • Newborn size fits 6-12 lbs and One Size fits 7-35 lbs
  • Mother ease's EasyCare™ technology
  • Easily add additional absorbent liners between cover and core for naps or overnight
  • Daycare friendly
  • Wizard Unos are as convenient as a disposable diaper without the waste



The Wizard Duo is an all-in-two nappy system like no other!

The Wizard Duo AI2 nappy is all the convenience of an AIO but as economical as a fitted system. Once snapped together, the Wizard Duo becomes a Wizard Uno, but the ability to snap the absorbent insert in and out of the cover allows for the cover to be used a few times before laundering.

The Wizard Duo is perfect for full-time cloth diapering. For 24 Fitted Duo Inserts, only 4-6 Duo Covers are required. Snap a few together ahead of time and snap around your baby in one simple step. Once the change is complete, unsnap your soiled insert from its cover, wipe the cover down once and let air dry. When it's time for the next change, just snap a clean Fitted Duo Insert into your cover.

The Wizard Duo is great for days or nights! Our Duo Fitted Inserts are available in  daytime inserts as well as a night time insert.

The ability to change out your Fitted Duo Inserts from your Duo Covers allows for a more economical system and prolongs the longevity of your Duo Covers.




Sandy's: A sized fitted nappy for a better fit.


  • An absorbent fitted cloth nappy available in 4 sizes for a great fit
  • Compatible with Mother ease Air Flow and Rikki Wrap waterproof covers for a leak-proof system
  • Industry leading "front over back" snap closure design
  • Double elasticized waist (front and back) and leg openings for a perfect leak-free cloth nappy

Sandy's Sizing

Newborn (6-12 lbs)

A perfect option for parents starting with cloth immediately and want the best fit before moving to the One Size fitted nappy.

Used with Mother ease Newborn Air Flow or Rikki Wrap fitted nappy covers.

Small (8-20 lbs)

A two size nappy system, Small and Large, offers a great fit in each of the size ranges. 

Small Size, fitting from 8 to 20 lbs is a great option for parents that find a One Size nappy too big on a newborn baby.

Used with Mother ease Small and Medium Air Flow and Rikki Wrap fitted nappy covers.

Large (20-35 lbs)

The Large size, fitting from 20 to 35 lbs is needed once your baby has outgrown the small size.

Used with Mother ease Large Air Flow and Rikki Wrap fitted nappy covers.

Toddle-ease (35-45 lbs)

The Toddle-ease size is the XLarge Sandy's diaper. Offering a great fitted nappy for children who are not ready to potty train yet. 

Mother ease Covers

Air Flow Wraps

The Air Flow™ Snap Cover, with adjustable snaps at the waist and leg openings has an air ventilation system between the snaps. This allows for maximum air circulation as baby moves, reducing the risk of bacteria by keeping the temperature inside the cloth nappy down. And, unlike Velcro, the curious baby can't undo them, so they stay on until you take them off.

The Air Flow™ cover is to be used with either the One Size cloth nappies or Sandy's cloth nappies to create a highly breathable, leakproof system.



Rikki Velcro Wraps

Our Aplix® hook and loop fasteners are of the highest quality and covered on the inside by a small skirt to prevent the leakage so common to other wraps. The fabric is the same as the Air Flow™ Snap Cover. It fits snuggly over our Sandy's™ cloth nappies or One Size™ cloth nappies.

It can also be used effectively with cloth diaper service prefolds, and contoured pinless cloth diapers. It is so easy to use.

Gusseted leg openings ensure a snug fit. Elastic edges are covered with a superior nylon binding which helps prevent moisture from wicking onto baby's clothes.