Great Shoes Take You Great Places!

Great Shoes Take You Great Places!

Nov 09, 2021Kate Smith
At Naturally Baby we are passionate about providing our customers (big and small alike) with the best fitting, most comfortable and beautifully designed shoes available on the market. As a result we are proud to stock from a very wide range of suppliers from all across the world, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Croatia, Portugal and Germany. We receive regular deliveries of new stock and so our ranges alter throughout the year ensuring we have a great choice of boots, school shoes, sandals and shoes for you to see! The good news for parents is that we don’t just stock baby and toddler shoes, we also stock most brands up to a EU size 42 (UK 8), so why not treat yourself as well as you child next time you are in!


As we stock such a wide range we thought it would be helpful to put together some information about the different brands so that you can see why they are so great too! Read on to find out more….




Bobux are a New Zealand brand, created by a mother and father team, Chris and Colleen Bennett, who wanted to provide their daughter with the best soft shoes they could, but nothing on the market was suitable. With this in mind, Chris set to work in the family garage to create the first children’s shoes with soft soles.  Fast forward 30 years and the brand is firmly established as one of the world leading providers of ergonomically designed soft soled shoes worn by children in over 40 countries across the globe. 

Traditionally shoe manufacturers use ‘lasts’  (the molds that shoes fit on when being made), which are they same shape but alter in size to suit children and adults feet. Bobux used their specialist knowledge and understanding of children’s foot development to create different shape and size lasts that reflect the natural developmental changes in baby and toddlers feet as they grow through childhood to adulthood. Bobux work closely with paediatric podiatrists and movement scientists to ensure that the products they produce not only look great, but also are also the most beneficial for babies and children’s delicate foot growth and development.

At Naturally Baby we stock the full Bobux development range from Soft Soles (babies and crawlers), through to Xplorer (almost walking/crawling), Step Up (first walkers), I Walk (toddlers and preschoolers) and added in 2017 the Kid+ range suitable for children aged 8 plus. The subtle differences in shape and size within each range ensure that children’s feet are supported in the healthiest way, incorporating the curves and shape of their feet at different stages of development.




Geox has its roots in Italy, but has grown as a brand leading to 70% of its sales being achieved in more than 100 countries worldwide. Geox is one of the leading brands in international lifestyle footwear market. The brand prides itself upon using innovative solutions and technologies to improve both products impermeability and breathability of products. The ethical principles of solidarity and environmental sustainability form the basis for the company with the name ’Geo’ being taken from the Greek word meaning ‘earth’. Just as Geox guarantees the quality of their products they are keen to ensure that these products come from the outcome of a fair process, which supports the sustainability of the wider world.  Geox’s rubber soles compromises of a minimum 5% recycled material and the leather for the shoe uppers are sourced from sustainable sources maintaining areas biodiversity.

Geox products offer style and comfort to wearers throughout the day and aim to improving foot and body comfort that can be appreciated by the wearer immediately. Due to their focus upon breathable fabrics, Geox shoes are lightweight whilst not compromising on quality and support. At Naturally Baby we stock a wide range of Geox trainers, school shoes as well as winter boots from toddler right up to school shoes.




Froddo shoes are based upon the philosophy that childhood should be based upon fun, adventure and play. The company prides itself upon creating products that take into account the diversity within children and their feet. Froddo are currently the leading shoe manufacturer in Croatia with over 1000 employees. Froddo has strong environmental roots and its keen to provide products that are produced without the use of harmful substances and compounds. When designing a shoe collection, Froddo employ the expertise of orthopedic specialists, child psychologists, parents and most importantly children to help them to create a range of shoes that aid foot health and natural development. Froddo shoes also incorporate a useful removable antibacterial insole, which makes checking the fit, a breeze and flexible rubber soles for supporting the best childhood adventures! Froddo pre walker shoes are made using soft vegetable tanned leather and natural tannins, removing the need for any hazardous chemicals.  Froddo shoes are based on a desire to produce beautiful unique shoes in a range of vibrant colours and styles to suit even the most discerning fashion sense of parents and children alike. Come and see!


Old Soles


Old Soles are an Australian brand in design and production since 2008. Old Soles prides itself upon incorporating cultural influences from across the globe to transform in to luxury children’s footwear. Embellishments and a vibrant range of colours ensure that this brand is a real stand out on the shelves at Naturally Baby as well as on children’s feet. The brand also places a huge emphasis upon safe and fair working practices between all areas of its business from design to manufacture and shipping. A close relationship between factories and suppliers enables Old Soles to produce safe products in sage factories. Honest feedback and testing of Old Soles products by all company members (and families) ensures that employees have a personal connection to the brand and the products ensuring superior results can be maintained.

Old Soles Pre and First Walker range are suitable from birth to the age of 2 years and are made from 100% natural leather with products tested from skin safety, most shoes in the range have elasticated heals providing a better, unrestricted fit to little feet. The leather lining also aids foot health by keeping feet cool in summer and warm in winter. As toddlerhood approaches Old Soles shoes are consciously designed with rounder toe, flat sole and heal support to care for the still developing muscles and tendons of the feet.  Old Soles toddler shoes are suitable from approximately 18 months to 5 years old. Old Soles also produce a range of children’s shoes aimed at ages 4 – 10 years old. These shoes are designed to specifically provide support in all the right places for a thinned out and stronger foot, with the 100% leather also incorporated to aid optimum foot health as children grow.



The Petasil brand was developed in 1988 in the heart of Portugal’s famous shoe making district in St Joao da Madeira. Petasil produces vibrant, fun, stylish children’s (and adults) shoes, which do not compromise on comfort. Petasil footwear uses the highest quality leather in all of its products with the soles designed to be as flexible as possible. Petasil shoes tend to me more classic in design with no additional embellishments, just good quality leather in a variety of fun and unisex colour ways.  For a narrow foot fitting the Petasil brand can be a fantastic option whilst still providing a large range of style and colour options. At Naturally Baby we stock a wide range of these popular shoes with some styles sizing up to a UK 8 (EU42)!




Superfit are the market leader in European children’s shoe sector and incorporate decades of experience in shoe design and manufacture in to each of their products. Superfit is sold in more than 40 countries worldwide and in 2011 put their products to the test by asking professionals to inspect their shoes. 98% of the 342 Doctors and Orthopedics questioned from Germany, Switzerland and Austria gave Superfit a top rating.

The Superfit brand is built upon creating a ‘child friendly’ quality, including a ‘lightweight sole unit, soft and flexible support for foot movement as well as breathable materials to aid foot health and development’ (Superfit, 2021).  For those wet winter (or summer!) days, an additional benefit of some Superfit products is their collaboration with partner company Gore-Tex, providing some designs with waterproofing in addition to breathability.

The Superfit range includes toddler shoes, trainers, boots and slippers in a range of designs to suit all tastes with child appropriate fastenings for ease of putting on and off.




Start-Rite shoes have a long history within UK shoe production with many of Naturally Baby customers remembering wearing Start-Rite shoes when they were young! Start Rite’s mission is to, ‘ give children the freedom to go where they want, how they want (Start-Rite, 2021). In their shoe development and production, Start-Rite view children as their most important critics and aim to produce shoes and boots that enable children to stay curious and to give them comfort and confidence. Start-Rite shoes have been produced in the UK for 225 years and pride themselves on designing children’s shoes around the changing physiology of children’s feet. They have done this in collaboration with experts in medicine and education to ensure they incorporate the unique and constantly changing nature of children’s feet in to their designs to this end, Start-Rite have produced 24,000 shoe lasts! Start-Rite shoes are constructed of soft and supple leather, buckles that are twice as strong as industry guidelines and super strong nylon threads and tape. The designs and styles often incorporate clever elements such as minimal seams to reduce the chance of rubbing, a range of smart fastenings appropriate for different ages and protection to minimize scuffs without adding weight or bulk. Start-Rite shoes are put through a rigorous testing process involving ‘kid expert’ testers over a period of three months, assessing performance over 500,000 steps to ensure the shoe looks as good as new and testing grips on a variety of surfaces. At Naturally Baby we stock a big range of Start-Rite shoes from First Walkers right up to School Leavers and everything in between.




Ricosta are a German brand, established in 1955, combining durability, comfort and style. They are manufactured to a high standard, made with soft breathable leather and a flexible sole unit. Ricosta design their shoes with variety in mind, with a range of colours, fabrics and styles to choose from, including some barefoot friendly styles too! At Naturally Baby we offer a large range of Ricosta shoes from toddler and children shoes to a large range of age appropriate school shoes. Some of their products include innovative fabrics such breathable high-tech materials, enabling 100% waterproof footwear whilst maintaining an environment conducive to optimal foot health. If your child likes lightweight, colourful, soft shoes with easy, child manageable fastenings then Ricosta may be the place to start next time you are looking for shoes at Naturally Baby.

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