Potty Training

Potty Training

Jun 21, 2021Kate Smith

Where does the time go when you have a baby? One minute you are holding your newborn baby in your arms the next you are contemplating potty training!!

For your child, starting to use a potty or toilet is a huge developmental milestone. It marks the beginning of the end of toddlerhood and a move nearer to independence. As with all other milestones, it can be an exciting time but also
daunting and challenging for parents and children alike.

As with any other developmental milestone, children will be ready to attempt potty training at a variety of ages. There isn’t a ‘right’ age, just the age that is right for your child. Some children will be dry at two years and other will still be having accidents aged four.

Remember you can’t force a child to begin potty training, if they aren’t ready  then you won’t be able to make them use the potty.

So how do you know your child may be ready to attempt potty training?

There are a few signs you can look for which may help you decide if your child is ready to try:

- Being interested in the potty or toilet why people go to the bathroom
- Starting to be able to pull up and down own trousers
- An awareness of being wet or soiled
- Can they follow instructions and communicate with you?
- Physically ready, able to sit on the potty and get themselves up again
- They may start to tell you they have done a wee or a poo
- The gap between wetting is at least an hour

One of the best things tips when it comes to staring potty training is to… ‘Be Prepared’!

At Naturally Baby, we have a great range of products that are designed to help you along the potty training journey:

Car Seat Protectors

A fantastic addition to any potty training adventure, these clever products simply sit in your car seat and provide a layer of protection from any possible accidents when travelling (N.B whilst the material is waterproof, it is not designed to replace a nappy and cope with a full toddler wee!)

Incorporating a soft, fast wicking fleece insert, these seat protectors are  intended to fit easily around a 5-point harness and are versatile enough to fit on most car seats and strollers. It is machine washable, quick drying and come in a range of designs.


Wet Bags

Wet bags do as the name suggest, and provide you with a storage solution for
those wet clothes after an inevitable accident. With zip fastenings or drawstrings and made from a waterproof PUL these bags are the ideal addition to your changing bag during potty training adventures. They can be washed easily and dry in no time. Wet bags are also great for swimming kits!


Pop-In Training Pants


Pop In training pants are designed to aid the transition from nappy to pants by
providing a fun and comfortable alternative to disposable training nappies. The
benefit of these washable training pants (in addition to the obvious environmental benefits) is that they will absorb one toddler sized wee but still
enable your little one to feel the wetness whilst being easy to pull up and down.
Children love the fact that they are wearing ‘big girl/boy’ pants and choosing
which ones to buy can be a real motivator to start potty training! They are
available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL) and a range of colours and prints.

Bright Bots Training Pants

Bright Bots training pants are another superb product designed to minimise
little accidents! It has a polyester absorbent layer between the legs and a PUL
lining to help prevent leeks. Like the Pop In training pants, the Bright Bots will
hold one wee but will need changing swiftly. By providing an awareness of being
wet, children are better able to associate this feeling with going to the toilet as
opposed to disposable training pants that keep children as dry as a regular

Bright Bots come in great range of fun colours and are sized S, M and L.


Motherease Bedwetter Pants

Wetting over night generally continues for a period of time after daytime dryness
is established. Bedwetter pants are a pull up, incredibly absorbent night time
solution for children who are not quite dry overnight. Made from a cotton terry
inner and waterproof PUL outer, these pants are machine washable and provide
an eco friendly alternative to disposable pull up pants. They are machine
washable, come in three sizes (XS, S and M) and a range of prints and designs.

Reward Toys and Gifts

If offering rewards for potty training successes is something you are considering,
we sell a range of beautiful wooden, sustainable toys from suppliers such as
Lanka Kade, Plan and Grimms. Why not pop in with your little one and choose a
toy as a ‘Potty Training Success’ prize?

A final few top tips:

- Trust your instincts, you know your child better than anyone. It’s not a
- It can be a tricky, new skill for your child to learn – go at their pace
- Be prepared for accidents
- Carry spare clothes at all times (more than one set!)
- Skip the potty if needed and go straight to the toilet
- Make it fun!

Why not pop in to see us at Naturally Baby and let us support you through this
next milestone on the adventure that is ‘Parenting’ (we also have a toilet!)

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