Welcome to our Car Seat Safety Centre at Naturally Baby

Offering a wide range of car seats for all ages from pre-term infants, newborns and toddlers to children up to 12yrs of age. We stock and fit a large range of car seats from leading brands such as Axkid, BeSafe, Britax, Joie, Nuna and more….. We specialise in finding you the safest seat for your child and your car/s. We stock a large range of Swedish Plus Tested seats and have become Extended Rear Facing (ERF) specialists over the last 6yrs meaning parents travel considerable distances to obtain this specialist advice and fitting service. Our car seat trained fitters are brand trained but have also undertaken further training to become certified IOSH car seat trained fitters so you have that extra peace of mind!

Frequently asked questions

We have free fitting appointments to try different car seats in your car. This is a good place to start as you can see which fit most safely in and which your little one is comfortable in. Click on the button to book a free appointment in our fitting bay at Naturally Baby.

If you need any fitting advice once you receive your seat then we would be happy to FaceTime you for fitting guidance – this has been very popular and much appreciated by parents for peace of mind. We can also give you hints and tips to help save space too.

Your child is five times safer in a rear-facing car seat compared to a forward-facing car seat. In a frontal collision, which is the most common type of collision in traffic, the risk increases for huge neck damage and death if the children travel in a forward-facing car seat.
The impact on the head, neck and back becomes significantly lower in a rear-facing car seat. A nine-month-old baby has 25% of their body weight in their head, compared to an adult that has 6% of their body weight in the head. Children aren’t miniature adults; the children’s heads are very big and heavy compared to their body and the muscles and ligaments in their neck aren’t fully developed. When sitting in a forward-facing car seat, the upper body is hurled forward at the moment of the crash until the seat belt stops the speed, but the head continues forward at the same speed as the car had before the crash. A heavyweight is then placed on the neck to stop the head’s forward movement.

A car seat consultation is an hours appointment with an IOSH car seat trained fitter to discuss car seat options and help you choose the perfect seat for your child / car.

We appreciate that choosing the right car seat can be a difficult decision and a big investment. As it is likely to last for a long time, it is important that we take your personal circumstances into consideration when making this choice. By personal circumstances we mean your child’s likely growth rate, their position in the family and your lifestyle eg. do you frequently travel long distances? Will you regularly swap the seat between cars? We will also consider the leg space and comfort of other passengers in the car.

It is useful to have your child's weight and length measurements when you arrive for your appointment to save time during your consultation, however we are able to do this upon your arrival if your child / children are present. If you have come without your child / children then please ensure you have this information to hand as it is difficult to advise on options without this vital information.

Once we have this information and looked at options we can then try your child in our seats and we can also try them in your car to check fit.

You will then be equipped with all the information to enable you to make an informed decision, purchase your seat inshore or order it through our website and take advantage of our complimentary fitting service.

We keep car seats in stock so you are highly likely to be able to take the seat/s away on the day and have them fitted complimentary, for peace of mind. Although we keep high levels of car seat stock, at times we may run out of specific styles or colour ways. If you are coming a long distance for a specific seat then it maybe worth calling us on 01926 954188 to ensure this particular seat is in stock for fitting.

The crucial safety benefits, particularly in protecting their neck and reducing forces during an accident, make extended rear-facing a wise choice for as long as possible. The question most commonly asked when we say an ERF seat will last until your child is 125cm is….’but what about their legs?’ Most children happily sit with their legs crossed when not in the car-on the carpet at school, playing the floor or just sitting on the sofa. An ERF seat has low sides so they can sit cross legged in the car too or they have the option of putting their legs up the back of the vehicle’s seat. Many parents assume they would be more comfortable with their legs dangling, however, have you ever sat on a bar stool without foot support? It isn’t very comfy having your legs dangling and children often choose to have their feet / legs supported.

- Sitting with their back against the vehicle’s seat, do their knees bend at the front edge of the seat?
- Is the lap belt low on the tops of their thighs with the shoulder belt between their neck and their shoulder?
- Finally do they sit properly without slouching or leaning over?

It’s worth noting that most children are 10-12 years old before they pass this test and taking them off a car seat too early will mean they are not high enough to benefit from the side curtain airbags in the rear of the car, resulting in them being unnecessarily injured in an accident.