Exploring Sensory Play: A Boost for Your Child's Development

Sensory play involves engaging your child's senses in various ways, incorporating touch, smell, sight, sound, taste, as well as elements like movement, balance, and spatial awareness.

From birth, a child's senses are a work in progress, evolving over time as they navigate the sensory world during infancy, toddlerhood, and preschool years. Each interaction with a different sense builds nerve connections, contributing to the structural development of their brain.

Play, especially sensory play, is a key avenue through which babies learn and establish new neural connections. This type of play plays a vital role in helping babies comprehend the world around them, fostering language development as they respond to different stimuli. Simple sensory activities, such as feeling different textures or experiencing various sounds, significantly contribute to a baby's early learning.

Jean Piaget, a prominent figure in developmental psychology, highlighted the significance of sensory play. According to Piaget, play is not merely a leisure activity; it follows a systematic learning process with identifiable stages. He argued that children require environmental stimuli and diverse experiences to steer their cognitive development. Sensory play, in Piaget's view, enables children to absorb and retain new knowledge, playing a crucial role in their brain development.

Considering the insights from Piaget and the benefits, introducing sensory room play sessions to your baby can provide valuable experiences. This can positively impact their sensory development, language skills, and overall cognitive growth.

Frequently asked questions

For just £8.95 per child (adult included), you and your little one get an hour of pure delight in our brand new sensory room. This imaginative space has been specially designed for developing little minds by offering a multi-sensory experience. Plus, the price includes a hot drink of your choice—because parents need a treat too! Additional adults are £3.95 and includes a hot drink too. Additional child is £4.95.

Our sensory room is a fabulous space for post-natal groups or casual parent meet-ups! Up to 10 adults (with their little ones) can enjoy the session together. It's a open session, offering a chance to connect with new other parents.

Want exclusive use of the room? Please book a minimum of 6 spaces, and we'll reserve the room just for your group! But do let us know when you have booked so we can block out the remaining spaces. If you have additional friends who want to join in with your exclusive session they can pay at the till on entry.

To book a sensory room session, simply head over to, click “book now!” and select the “*New* Interactive Sensory Room”. You will then be able to choose the date and time of the session. You can also call the shop on 01926 954188 to make a booking over the phone or ask in-store!

Yes! Each booking admits 1 adult and 1 child/baby so to add an additional adult or baby/child to your booking simply select “Additional Adult” (extra £3.95) or “Additional Baby or Child” (extra £4.95). You can also pay on arrival at the shop.

Absolutely! Our sensory room regularly transforms with themes like Night Sky, Ocean, Jurassic, Nature, Rainbow, and more…

Our sensory room is designed for little ones up to approx 2 years. If you are bringing a child over two years of age we ask that you book an exclusive session as it can be tricky having a toddler running / climbing around when someone has brought in a new baby to the session. If you are hoping to bring more than one child, please select “Additional Baby or Child” when booking.

Due to a rise in food allergies amongst babies / children we do not allow food or drink in the sensory room. This is also to reduce the risk of hot drink spillages.

Yes, you can hire out the sensory room, studio, lounge area and kitchen for exclusive use for 1st Birthday parties, Baby Shower events, Naming Ceremony celebrations and Gender Reveal parties. Please see our website for more information.

Dads Hub

Saturday mornings are a 'Dad's Only Session'.... not forgetting the baby!
Time for mum's to have a lie in and for dads to have fun with their little one in our Interactive Sensory Room. Theme changes regularly to include Night Sky, Ocean, Jurassic, Nature, Rainbow, Black and Red, Space and more. If your group wishes to have exclusive use of the room, please contact us and we can arrange this for you. This session is an 'open' session for dads with babies up to walking age.