Frequently asked questions

for Maternity TENS Machines

A maternity TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine is a small device designed to alleviate pain during labour and childbirth.

The TENS machine works by sending low-voltage electrical impulses through the skin to the nerves connected to the spinal cord. This process blocks pain signals from reaching the brain, effectively reducing the sensation of pain during labour.

Your TENS machine package will include the machine itself (with batteries), four sticky gel electrode pads, spare batteries, and an instruction leaflet. To use the TENS machine, attach two electrode gel pads to your upper back, positioned just below or beneath your bra strap on either side of your spine. Attach the remaining two pads to your lower back, placed just above or aligned with the top of your pants on either sides of your spine. Keep these four pads connected to the TENS machine at all times. The gel pads are reusable and can be repositioned or removed as needed during labour.

Your TENS machine produces electrical stimulation through these pads, and you can adjust the power using the machine. Initially, you may feel a "buzzy" sensation on your back, but it should never be painful.

Yes, maternity TENS machines are generally considered safe for use during labour. They are non-invasive and do not involve any medication, making them a popular choice for pain relief during childbirth.

However, TENS machines cannot be used in water, so they are not suitable for use in a birthing pool. It's also not recommended to use a TENS machine if you have a heart rhythm disorder or a pacemaker, so please consult your GP for medical advice regarding the use of a TENS Machine.

It's recommended to start using the TENS machine as soon as you begin experiencing contractions. Early use allows your body to adjust to the electrical impulses and maximize the pain-relieving effects.

TENS machines are designed for both home and hospital use. Many women opt to use them at home during the early stages of labour and continue to use them if they decide to give birth in a hospital.

Side effects of using a maternity TENS machine are rare and generally mild. Some women may experience skin irritation from the electrodes or a tingling sensation where the electrodes are placed. However, these side effects typically resolve once the TENS machine is turned off.

Yes, maternity TENS machines can be used alongside other pain relief methods such as breathing techniques, massage, or medication if necessary. It's important to discuss your pain relief options with your healthcare provider to determine the best approach for you.

We offer maternity TENS machine rentals at Naturally Baby! Simply visit our store, and we'll provide a demonstration on how to use the machine and answer any questions you may have. Renting a demo machine costs £22.95 with a £20 deposit, which is refunded upon return to the shop. The rental period is up to 8 weeks, so feel free to visit before your due date to ensure you are prepared.