BIBS x Liberty Pacifier Colour 2 Pack Capel Latex - Symmetric Blush Mix


Introducing BIBS x Liberty, an exclusive collection of BIBS top-rated baby and toddler essentials, now available in timeless Liberty prints. These pacifiers have a symmetrical nipple that is shaped like a flat drop and is perfect for babies who prefer this shape. The drop-shaped nipple promotes a tongue placement and sucking technique where the tongue presses the pacifier flat against the palate. This means that babies do not have to suck as hard as they would with a round nipple to flatten the pacifier in their mouth. These pacifiers also have a valve that allows air to escape when the baby sucks on the nipple. This ventilation system pushes out any air inside the nipple and naturally shapes it to fit the baby's mouth. You may notice water inside the nipple after cleaning and sterilization due to the valve, but simply squeeze the nipple to remove any excess water.