BIBS x Liberty Pacifier Colour 2 Pack Capel Latex - Symmetric Sage Mix


Introducing BIBS x Liberty, an exclusive collection of BIBS top-rated baby and toddler essentials, now available in timeless Liberty prints. These pacifiers have a symmetrical nipple with a flat drop shape, making them ideal for babies who prefer this type of design. The unique drop-shaped nipple encourages proper tongue placement and sucking technique, where the tongue presses the pacifier against the palate. This results in babies not having to suck as hard compared to a round nipple, providing a more comfortable experience. Additionally, these pacifiers feature a valve that allows air to escape while the baby sucks, promoting a natural fit for their mouth. After cleaning and sterilization, you may see water inside the nipple due to the valve, but simply squeeze the nipple to remove any excess water.