Close Pop-In Tote Bag


Close Parent's handy zip up Pop-in wet bags are ideal for dry storing your Pop-in nappies before washing. They are also perfect to use in your change bag when out and about. With two generously sized zipped pockets there is lots of space for both clean and dirty nappies along with anything else that you don't want dirtying your change bag. Your tote bag can then simply be turned inside out and washed along with the nappies making laundry time a breeze!
Tote bag measures 37cm x 32.5cm and holds around 5 nappies and accessories


  • Perfect for storing reusable nappies and on the go or for laundry.
  •  Made from repurposed plastic water bottles
  • Double zipped pockets for clean and dirty nappy storage.
  • Popper handle makes it easy attach to the buggy or hand to store.
  • Will hold approximately 5 nappies and accessories but can be used for lots of different things