Kokoso Natural Baby Bath Sponge


Supremely soft, totally natural baby bath sponge leaves delicate skin clean, happy and refreshed.

• Made from the highest quality Konjac plant fibres
• Softly cleanses whilst massaging
• Leaves skin feeling naturally moisturised
• Helps balance the skin’s pH
• Contains natural antioxidant properties
• 100% natural, biodegradable, sustainable plant fibres

Being completely natural & biodegradable, the plant fibres start to deteriorate over time. Please follow the care instructions to help your sponge last as long as possible. For best results, replace every 1-3 months. Pop it in the food bin or compost heap when you’re done!

How to Use:

– Soak in warm water and press several times until squishy and soft.
– Massage gently in circular motions on baby’s skin.
– Rinse clean and press gently to expel excess water.
– Hang on string to air dry properly between uses.