Tots Bots Newborn Bamboozle Starter Kit


he Tots Bots Bamboozle Day to Night Nappy Pad gives you flexible absorbency as part of a two-part reusable nappy with a waterproof outer wrap.  

Bamboozle Day to Night Nappy Pads are an easy way to add extra absorbency and protection to your reusable Bamboozle Stretch Nappies, or as a simple and cost effective two part nappy in combination with a Bamboozle Wrap. The soft bamboo terry and microfibre construction is perfect for day to night protection and is available in various colours. This set comes with 2 pads that can be used singly or snapped together as a pair for extra absorbency. 

These pads allow for custom absorbency levels. Simply add or remove pads using the poppers, based on your baby's requirements. The bamboo is absorbent, breathable, machine washable and naturally anti-bacterial. They are a great eco-friendly addition to the Award Winning Bamboozle system.

The two-part Bamboozle wrap and pad is a great cost-effective and reliable reusable nappy system. The reusable Bamboozle wrap can be used 3-5 times before washing, simply wipe over between each change and add a fresh pad.