Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0


We understand perfectly well how important your child's safety is for you. This issue was also of key significance for Avionaut's engineers, who ensured the compact design of the Pixel PRO 2.0 C car seat including side protection in the event of a road collision.

A distinctive element of the entire design is also the modular insert divided into 2 parts. Therefore, its layout can be modified depending on the child's height, providing optimum comfort, but also safety, thanks to more effective energy absorption in the case of a possible impact.

The insert itself also includes a soft enveloping Cloud Care system made of memory foam, which you will recognize thanks to the blue cloud tag sewn into the fabric of the seat. This foam absorbs the force of the impact during a possible collision, and therefore protects the child's body.

However, it also provides the child with maximum comfort during the trip. Thanks to this thoughtful design, the Pixel PRO 2.0 C car seat was also awarded the certificate of AGR, the German Association for a Healthy Back.

This certificate confirms that a child's spine is perfectly supported when travelling in the Pixel PRO 2.0 C.

  • The Pixel PRO 2.0 C weighs just 2.5 kg, making it the lightest seat in the world!
  • The headrest of the seat features the Cloud Care system, which is made of memory foam, which is extremely flexible and therefore excellent at absorbing any strain.
  • The modular insert was designed in collaboration with physiotherapists. A straight spine and the head tilted slight back ensure the patency of the respiratory and oesophageal tract.
  • The canopy is made of UV-filtered fabric, providing your child with effective protection from the sun and other external factors.
  • The eco-friendly EPP material guarantees the highest level of ergonomics and safety.